Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Duct Tape...Seriously?

The weather has been so beautiful here in Switzerland and we have been spending almost everyday outside. It's just too hot indoors since we are sans ceiling fans or central air system of any kind. It's also been way to hot to sit in front of a computer most days.

When I am not at the park with the kids, I am sitting on my balcony working on upholstery and painting projects. I love how my neighbors in the building next door love to sit on their balcony and watch me work while they sip their tea. I mean they are staring straight at me! I am just waiting for the 'balcony police' to show up and tell me to get all this furniture, paint and work tools off my balcony or else.

I have worked on a few small upholstery items, but never anything as large as a sofa, which is my goal. So I thought I would take it slow, read as many books as possible and watch as many videos on as possible before take the big upholstery leap.

I found this little stool that is similar to my sofa and thought I would take it apart, repair it and reupholster it from scratch. Low and behold I cut open the bottom of it to find the webbing support is duct tape! I kid you not!

Picture of pouf before I gutted it.

Picture of the inside webbing made of duct tape!

I am just an average Joe trying to save a buck on a DIY upholstery project. So I will post pictures of the process and the finally outcome in the next month.

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