Monday, January 31, 2011

Zara, Zara, Zara

I plan on picking up these new items from Zara in Lausanne soon....

So true, hubby may not laugh so much...

Can't decide which one I like more, the snake print
tunic above or cheetah print dress below.

Love this red sweater.
I love black and white clothes and decor...a lot!

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Happy Monday,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brass Table Finds in VAUD!

Ok so I am still on the hunt for the perfect brass table, chic and cheap. So this means something 2nd hand. See my previous post regarding my inspiration rooms using brass tables here.

I searched on today and these are my brass table finds:

This brass table here is only 80CHF in Geneva. Simple
straight lines, very modern. I like it.

These brass nesting tables are 100CHF in Crissier here. Althought I
would def talk them down in price and replace the dark glass with
either reflective glass or clear. Use a little Franglish.

This vintage looking brass bar cart is only 100CHF in
Lausanne here. Looks like it's in excellent condition.

This lucite, glass and brass table here, is in Geneva for 250CHF.
Very modern, chic and would go with almost any decor. Love it!
I have seen these new for 1k or more around VAUD area.

This brass and marble table is only 70CHF here! Located in Geneva.
This one is my favorite! Does the elephant come with it? If so SOLD!

This table is only 30CHF in Gland here. Yes it's really
only 30 CHF as it's being sold at a second hand non
profit shop, bet they don't realize how instyle it is...

What do you think? Would you add some brass to your room?


Fauteuils I am dying over!

 Just spotted these fauteuils on (they are selling a matching pair!) and I am so in love with the lines and curves of these chairs!  I know, I know I shouldn't be buying more furniture, but these are chairs, I can tuck them away some where.  Just an idea...

The pink fabric and light wood stain would have to go.   I have yards of this velvety soft damask Designer Guild fabric on a bolt I got on sale years ago and it would look great with a darker wood stain.  
I have been waiting for the perfect item to use this fabric on and I think these fauteuils may be Designer Guild fabric worthy!  What do you think?


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY Easy Fabric Covered Message Board

My take on an old DIY project that will only take about 15 minutes of your time.
I just used a Sharpie marker to color the trim of the board black. Then used 1 yard/meter of fabric, a standard sized cork board, upholstery tacks and 3 yards/meters of ribbon.  Best of all this project was free!  I already had all the items on hand.

The upholstery tacks were left over from another project.  They were purchased from Hornbach in Etoy last year.  You can find them at any hardware store in Switzerland.

The supplies.

Easy stuff.

My new message board for my office. My son had to add his paper men to it right away.
Great thing about this is, when I tire of this fabric, I can easily change it.  I like lots of change, so this works perfect for me.

Happy Projects,

Let's Try This Again, Swiss Vintage Post Cards Deux!

Ok, so yesterday I attempted to try and blog from my mobile phone and camera here. Bad idea, camera phone took horrible pictures.

So today I am doing a repost of my collection of Swiss vintage post cards I have collected over the last year. I just happen to like the post cards that were written on and have stamps on them already starting from 1898. These just also happen to be the affordable post cards to buy. I have spent anywhere between .50 cents to 5 CHF for these post cards. Here are some close ups of my favorites:

These post cards are located at the end of my long
hallway next to the front door of our flat. I have this
fabulous Etsy zebra print to place above these post cards.
Just have not found the perfect frame yet.

These vintage post cards are on the
opposite side of the hallway on this tiny wall space.

Here is a close up of a few of the post cards.

We are renting and I am trying to keep the holes in the walls I make to a min. So I use Tessa Power Strips that I found from COOP to put all these frames from Ikea up on our walls. They leave zero marks when you remove the strips and it really keeps the frames up nice and sercure, especially when you have littles ones trying to pry them off the walls.

Have a lovely Wednesday,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Swiss Vintage Post Cards

Test, test, testing 123. Posting from phone for very first time.

Here is my collection of vintage Swiss post cards. Apparently some are very serious about collecting and pay hundreds of CHF for 1 post card.

Luckily, I like all the cheap vintage cards that have been written on or are faded.   It's a great way to decorate your walls on the cheap.  Frames are from Ikea for a few francs per two in a pack.

This Swiss post card above is from 1909.

This Swiss post card is from 1901!

I attend the semi annual vintage post card fair in Lausanne each year and dig through hundreds of post cards. The most expensive one I own is 5 CHF. I love them.

The next post card fair is in April. Will post the details for it next week.

(So very sorry for the picture quality, this phone is taking horrible, horrible pics.  Will try to post proper pics of my walls of vintage post cards with a real camera soon.)


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Designer Guild Sofa & Other Cool Stuff for Sale

Ok so I wrote yesterday about a fabulous Designer Guild sofa I found on sale here.  Mr. Hubby and I discussed it and it's a no go.  I am very sad, but I totally understand.  We have zero room for it.  Flat is full to the brim and so is our cave. 

If anyone else would like to purchase this sofa in Lausanne, it's at:

 Fischer Deco, Rue Etraz 12, 1003 Lausanne on sale for only 1500CHF. 

Really a serious bargain for Designer Guild fabric sofa.  You can not even get a decent sofa from Ikea for this amount here in Switzerland.  The designer who owns the shop speaks perfect English and is very friendly.  This is the place where I stock up on all my Designer Guild pillows when she has her fabulous sale twice a year.  She is selling all her floor Designer Guild model furniture items, lamps, pillows and other cool decor stuff.

If anyone does buy the sofa, please let me know.  I would like to think it finds a great home.

Happy Tuesday,

Still looking for the perfect brass table...

...could this one be it?  Seriously only 30 CHF?  Sounds too good to be true.

Listed on Anibis here.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Designer Guild Sofa on SALE!

OMG, OMG, OMG!  Found this Designer Guild two seater sofa on sale for a more then half off today in Lausanne!

Oh how lovely it would look in my current office, hallway, bedroom or salon,
maybe the kitchen?!  I actually have no place to put it now, but in 6 months
when we move to Minnesota, I will have a whole house to fill.

Having negotiations with hubby over this sofa....but I am not really in a position to ask for any more furniture.  I have already sworn like three times in the last year I was done furniture shopping.  Then you find a gem like this; a cute little sofa ON SALE covered in Designer Guild's black Nabucco cut velvet fabric and my heart just does my wallet.

Please, please Mr. Hubby, let me buy this sofa! 



Oh my goodness the after holiday sales this year in Lausanne are amazing!  I almost feel like I am back in the USA!

I found the Christmas decoration at 90% off at Globus.  I purchased all the velvet and glittery ribbon there that I could grab. It was maddness, everyone was going crazy grabbing items.  I don't think they normally have 90% off anywhere in Lausanne.

Globus is also selling all their holiday display decorating items for super cheap!  They are selling such as display mirrors, pictures, antique looking chairs, huge art piece for a fraction of what they would cost here normally.  I found most of it by the elevator on the level of mens clothing.  I purchased two pictures for my office.  Wish I had room to purchase more...

At Zara I purchased lots of tunics, shirts, skirts and dresses between 19CHF and 5chf, that normally sold for 100CHF or less!

Oh and at MANGO it was a major score, I found the best basic wardrobe items; black vest, black skinny jeans, tunic, dresses and more for more then half off.

Sorry for lack of post and pictures.  I have been busy, busy, busy with projects.  I am really bad about taking pictures and posting them.

Happy Monday,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I chopped It Off!

I have not had a hair cut since last May in Switzerland and it was a bad, bad haircut.  My hair is in desperate need of an overhaul, so I took the front of my hair, put it in a rubber band and chopped it off to make bangs tonight.  Oh yes I did!  Over 12" of hair is gone in the front and I feel so much better.

Now I just need to try and trim the rest of it....I figure I can't do any worse then my last lopsided haircut.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011!

(Me and my youngest - Switzerland Dec 2010)

Wow December flew by fast. 
Counting down days until date night with the hubby this Friday!

Kids have been sick off and on for a month, hoping to make a proper
furniture post again soon.

Happy Tuesday,