Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Close.... having this vintage 1920's beautiful desk in my office soon. I previously wrote about it here.  Another of my, of course, finds!  It's getting difficult to speak in Frang-lish (half French/half English) all the time, really need to learn more French words when discussing furniture.

 I went to go look at it today and it's even better looking in person.  It is very old, so it has some very very very minor veneer chipping on just a few spots I noticed.  Nothing terrible, but it will adventually need repair, but such a minor thing.  I did talk the lovely owner down to 800chf, so feel like I am getting a major bargain as I have seen these desk go easily for a few thousands in not even mint condition.

Trying to sort out transportation for this bad boy.  The woman just lives up the hill from us too...the desk is so close by and yet might as well be 100 miles away, as hiring movers for one item is very expensive.  This is the one thing that may stop me from purchasing the desk.

Anyone want to try to help me move it with moving straps?  We could just carry it down the hill together, easy right?  It would be a great workout, any volunteers?  Anyone?

image via here

It's times like these that I miss living in Texas and having friends who all drive huge pickup trucks.....sigh.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Doormat's That Make A Statement....Literally!

Which one should I get to make a statement about my home?

Images via FLY

There are a couple of Fly stores around the Lausanne area, the doormats they sell are too cute!  Also a decent selection of lamps.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Swiss Fun Friday Find - Wood and Plastic

This is interesting, can't say I have ever seen chairs like this before. Wonder if the seat would be comfy.

It can be all yours for just 100 chf per chair at

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Please Dear Lord....

...please let me have been the first person to ask to buy this lucite and glass coffee table that was just posted on minutes ago for really, super duper cheap and it looks like it's in great condition!
Okay, sorry for the run on sentence, but I am dying over the lucite table selling for only 50 chf!!!  Is it a typo? Did they mean 500chf, surely not 50...but I pray it's correct!

The coffe table is only 50chf.  I am going to go see the table on Friday and possibly take it home!  It helps when you have friends like this:

(Please excuse how I look, no make up and hair pulled into a bun...ewwwh, Soph looks great as always)

A great, wonderful, dear, patient friend who stops cooking at dinner time to listen to you begging her to call someone in French to make an appointment to see the table you just saw on Anibis and buy it!

Yes, it helps while living in a forgien country to have awesome friends who speak four to five different languages and put up with you on a daily basis on your drive to obtain all the perfect furniture you desire at affordable prices while living in one of the most expensive countries in the world.  Another run on sentence...I am on a roll today.  Thanks Soph....babysitting coupon for you anytime!

P.S. The woman in the picture above is the woman who introduced me to the wonderful world of

I went with my two boys in tow to go see the coffee table and the good news; the only thing wrong with it was the metal parts had tarnished and just needed some simple TLC.  The bad new; my boys were trying to climb all over the glass top and bottom part of the table.  Glass and boys do not go together.  I looked at the cost of buy two large sheets of plexiglass to insert into this table and the prices (this is Switzerland) was not very affordable.  So table was a no go...totally bummed.


Inspiration Rooms

My wonderful hubby picked up the Residences Decoration Magazine for me at the Amsterdam airport and I have fallen madly in love with these two rooms.  The matching chandiliers are to die for, I will take four please!

 I love the mix of vintage and modern furniture.  This is exactly my style.

All images via RESIDENCES Decoration #95

The box sofa above would go perfectly in my salon.  I love the straight wood frame, the black tufted leather and simple feet of the sofa.  Lovely. Masculine.  Sexy. Simple.

The exposed brick wall with the ornate ceiling is a wonderful contrast.  Where can I get those lamps?

  Hint, Hint to hubby...we need new sofas. Two exactly.


VOGUE Paris Happy Birthday!

I am loving the cover for the VOGUE Paris 90 year anniversary edition!

The magazine is so thick, I can not even try to scan any pages inside.  It's like a book!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Faux Deer Head....Oui ou Non?

Apparently this is so 2008....but I am just now discovering the faux deer head/antler decor and I am in love with it.  It can't be that out of style, as I am finding it everywhere in recent magazines.  Below are some of the faux deer heads I want to buy and rooms with the faux deer head/antlers on display.

(She delivers to Switzerland!  So many to choose from at her store!)

 Image via Graham & Green
(UK store and they refused to deliver to CH, very sad.  I loooove the gazelle.)

 Image via Lonny Magazine

 Image via Lonny Magazine

Image via Candian House & Home

The wooden hand carved deer pictured below is the faux deer head that I purchased from Amazon in the USA.  This deer head is only $69 USD with a shipping cost of only $25 USD to Switzerland.  So I am getting a deal on the shipping!
Image via Amazon in USA

I hope to start a small collections of these guys.  Lets see what the hubby thinks!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Swiss Fun Friday Find

Ok I read Design Sponge everyday. Love that blog site. A while ago they posted about bamboo chairs here.

Look what I found on! Seven bamboo chairs for only 25chf each! Love the legs on these, I am so tempted to buy a few, but have no idea where I would put them in my tiny 1800 sq ft flat.....grrrrr.

These are all images from Design Sponge below. Check out the endless possibilities of the different colors you could paint the anibis chairs above. Would have to get rid of the blue cushion of course!

My favorite is the black bamboo chair. Very sexy!


Seriously, rocks!

Found this desk last night on for 1100 francs. Trying to talk the hubby into letting me purchase's the perfect antique desk, love, love the legs and the wood grain! Beautiful!

Found these two matching side tables below. Can't wait to pick them up in a week.

I think a good sanding and couple coats of paint and they will be ready to be used as night stands in my bedroom.


I'm back!!!!

Have had a busy couple of months.......
We went to Turkey for holidays.

Came back and got pumped and packed for USA!

Jumped on airplane alone with two little angels!

Bought a ridiculous, overpriced hat to escape the 100 degree Texas heat.

Got to hold a fossil. A dinosaur poo poo fossil.

Got to try on pirate hats. Arrrrg!

Was introduced to iphone app of being aged by 50 years.
Thanks Keith.

Then came back to Lausanne and took a much needed break.

But not for long, football/soccer season was starting.
Yes I am a Swiss soccer mom driving an SUV.
Never thought that would happen to me in Europe.

And said good bye to a Lausanne friend (on the right).
I am not pictured above, sorry Soph only picture I had...