Friday, May 28, 2010

Swiss Fun Friday Find - DEUX

I live in a beautiful old building in Lausanne and it's only fault is that it only has one toilet! That's right I said one toilet! As we have family and friends visiting during the year and a toddler who now uses the toilet and can not wait in line...some days I wish we had a port-o-potty!

Today I came across this unusual find on

How great would that antique commode look in a room! Think my guests would look at me crazy when I tell them to use the antique chair and to be sure to empty the pan would come in handy.


Affordable Beautiful Furniture Store in Lausanne!

I stopped by Anna today and they had several items on sale for a bargain. I am disappointed as I took pictures of the items with my camera phone, but unable to upload those pictures at the moment. Here is the name and address of the store:

Anna, L'art de vivre
Rue du Grand-Pont 8
CH-1003 Lausanne
Tél. +41 21 647 76 69

They are located before the second Starbucks in Lausanne near Flon. Below are a few pictures from their site here:

A beautiful mirrored dresser from Anna
(this is a shout out to my husband for our anniversary, hint, hint).
Gorgeous chair and desk from Anna.
Another dresser from the four mirrors and lamp,
I even like the silver horse head on display here.

I discovered this store months ago and it's actually where I purchased my black Lucite side table pictured in my previous post here. I got it on sale for half off in the store. The prices of their furniture in the store seems much more affordable then the prices they have listed on their website. Actually I hardly even see any furniture they have on display inside the actual store even listed on their advise, skip the website and just go visit the store.
Every time I stop by there each week I always see some fabulous gilded side table, vase, pillows or work on art 20 to 40% off! Right now they have an awesome linen tuft sofa on display in their store that I am in love with....
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Diagonal Stripes Are My New Fav!

Love this dress Katie Holmes is wearing! I would love to wear it and hang curtains like this in my salon!
Image Credit via Dlisted

Dlisted is the first site I read when I wake up, gotta stay on top of the latest celeb gossip!
It's almost Friday!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lausanne, Switzerland

What a beautiful sunny day this has been. Now it's evening and the sun is setting and a cool breeze coming off Lake Geneva is blowing through the windows. I feel so blessed to be able to live here in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Picture I took of Lausanne Gare.

I love the Lausanne city life.


Diagonal Stripe Curtains!

I have found my perfect curtains for my salon...these diagonal stripe curtains! They would look perfect with all my granny furniture. Wish I could find them in a soft gray and cream diagonal stripe.

Image from Prima Maison Mai - Juin 2010

I love this whole room and the curtains are speaking to me. The fabric on the head and foot board is from Toiles de Mayenne, but can not find the source of the curtain fabric. Wonder if this was custom made with lots of vertical stripe fabric or if it's possible to buy fabric already in this design. Will keep searching.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ada & Darcy

One of my favorite blogs, Ada & Darcy, is having a GIVEAWAY from this fabulous Esty shop - Plum Pretty Sugar. Please visit Ada & Darcy for more details. Also visit Plum Pretty Sugar to see their beautiful clothes and bedding line.

Sorry didn't have a chance to post pictures...


Anibis Find

I found this vintage stool on for a really good price. It looks like the end of the legs need some work. It would go perfect in my salon and put a little yellow in my room that I desperately need. Not sure if I really need one more project to plate is a bit full at the moment.

Hmmm to buy or not to buy....

Bergére Chaise

Just came across this Téo Jasmin Bergére Chaise in the latest Maison Créative magazine and it's just adorable! It's my style chair and my kids would love the dog printed on the fabric. Beautiful and fun. I seriously need this in my salon!

If I only had 1400€ laying around to spend on one's nice to dream about.

Image Credit Maison Créative


Monday, May 24, 2010

Folding Screen

I am in love with this wooden folding screen from, how great would this look in a bedroom or to use as a headboard for only 259,00 €


Friday, May 21, 2010

Swiss Fun Friday Find

I was browsing through Elle Decor rooms online and came across this photo and thought that Lucite coffee table sure did look familiar around here in Switzerland.

Image from Elle Decor, by designer Nisi Berryman

I shop at and all the time and came across these very similar coffee tables right here in Switzerland, but these are clear heavy glass coffee tables, not magenta lucite. Still a fabulous find!
This table at Pfister for 499.00chf
This same but slightly smaller coffee table from Interio for 398.00 chf A bit more expensive, but love this design better at Interio for 649.00 chf

Have a good weekend!

Vintage Maps for Sale!

One Kings Lane is having a sale on vintage maps for $189.00 USD!

Wish I was in the USA to order some of these...they would look great hung on a wall together.


I Love Designer's Guild Products!

Ever since I purchased my first velvet Designer's Guild pillow, I have been in love with their fabrics! I like to buy their fabrics when I can afford to, but it's a major luxury for me to do so. Below are inspiration showrooms of DG textiles and furniture:

You can order Designer's Guild fabrics in Lausanne, Switzerland from Fischer Deco on Rue Etraz (sorry forgot the number), across from Video Futur. For some reason Lausanne is not listed on the DG website as a place to purchase their goods. This tiny little shop also sells DG pillows which go on sale twice a year.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Layered Look!

How great is this antique door from India placed over a plain door frame. This is from a loft in San Lorenzo, Italy.

*Image credit from BRAVACASA magazine

Uneven Space

It's hard to tell but this little wall here sits in between two windows, to the right is my dinning table and to the left of the TV is my new vintage green sofa. Centering the TV with the wall space is not possible, due to where the cable cords are located. So I was left with this uneven space. Very heavy feeling on one side. I had tried many different things, but nothing was working. Below is the before pic:

Then I came across this cute black acrylic, super modern, side table and it
just seemed perfect! I think it balances the modern eye sore of a flat screen
and with the soft flowers on top, just seems to work for me.

I will take a better picture of the space and post soon. Sorry I forgot to zoom out. Just need to find some frames and art work to hang above.


Ideas for my vintage bench

Below is a picture of my hallway with my 'new' bench. On the walls are eight unfinished wood frames that I still need to paint. The pictures inside are beautiful metallic prints from the Etsy shop of Irene Suchocki'. See her work here:

For now I am just going to try and restore the bench using my Furniture Repair and Restoration book by William Cook. It has huge illustrated pictures and step by step guide, which is perfect for a newbie like myself.

The bench has a canned seat, which I love, that is in perfect condition, but my one year old keeps trying to stick his fingers in the holes. So I would like to order 1 yard of the Indoor/Outdoor fabric (gotta be kid friendly) in the Waverly SNS Tucker Resist Moss below to make a oblong pillow to sit against the wall.

Then order 2 yards of this Outdoor fabric by Highland Court in Liliane in
black below, to make a seat cushion to sit ontop of the canned part.
I am still not sure what color to paint the unfinished frames hanging in the hallway. May need to see what it looks like with the fabrics first. I am open to any ideas or feedback...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The USA has and Switzerland (VAUD) has!!! I love you!

I have been living in Switzerland for years and I have gone without adult furniture for years (oh yes was still using all my college furniture up until recently). One, because decent furniture is so expensive here and two, because most all furniture stores only have one style of furniture – MODERN!

My wonderful friend Sophie introduced me to in April this year and I fell hard, it was love at first sight. There were just pages and pages of vintage and antique furniture that people were trying to get rid of at great prices, I am sure, to use the money to go shopping at IKEA. No really, read a few posts that people literally wrote in French mind you, “need to sale quick to have money to buy sofa from IKEA.” IKEA is like Disneyland here, don’t go right after the holidays or on weekends…you will find no parking and stand in line for hours.

Here are a few items I have bought so far from Anibis:
Below is a tufted vintage velvet green sofa in mint condition that I purchased for a major bargain.
It came with two wing chairs, which I currently have in my bedroom.
I have plans to reupholster it myself soon. Will document the process.
Below was my first anibis purchase, a gueridan is what the man called it in French.
I have plans to reupholster it as well.

The next two pictures are of a solid wood carved bench I paid for 30 francs!
Needs a few touch ups here and there, but otherwise is in great condition.
I currently have the bench in my entrance hallway.
I just love mixing Granny furniture with more modern pieces!

As I see it, no one else in Switzerland in my age group seems to want anything but modern furniture. So I am here to buy as many vintage Swiss items as I can fit into my flat and give it a loving home.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hi, My name is Vickie and I am addicted to beige.

I just wanted to share a few images of neutral colored rooms I could kick my feet up in and call home sweet home! I love BEIGE! There I said it and I am proud!

I am very excited to be posting my 2nd blog entry! Tomorrow must remember to hit SAVE button or will lose all work.

I know no one is reading this blog but my sister, love you sis!

I am currently working on trying to pull together my dream French beige and black dinning table my husband just got me from Paris along with my husband’s new yellow pop art. We live in a small flat and the salon and dinning room are in the same room. Oh and I have two sweet little boy toddlers who wrestle and run every where, so my house is almost knick knack free. It’s really hard to pull a room together without the cute breakable knick knacks.

*Images from El Mueble

Monday, May 17, 2010

Clint oh Clint!

A couple of months ago I visited my neighbors art gallery, Galerie d'(A), here in Lausanne to inquire about a previous piece of art work she had displayed. My husband had been going on and on for months about how he wished we had purchased this Clint Eastwood pop art that sold on the opening night.

I have never been one for loving pop art, nor modern furniture, but I decided to step out of my element. I wanted to see if I could purchase a similar painting from this same artist. My lovely neighbor contacted the artist Michelangelo Mazzari and set up a new original painting to be commissioned just for my lovely husband.

I just wanted to share a picture of it; as I love it and it has opened my eyes to the love of all things modern and helped me step out of my box of all things beige.

I was elated that my hubby loved this painting even more then the first one!

Join me on my journey as I redecorate my entire beige salon to accommodate this new piece of yellow pop art! Oh where to begin?

Visit artist website here:

Sorry I am new to blogging, still trying to figure out how to link websites to words listed.