Monday, February 28, 2011

Movies, TV Shows in English

For those Expats from the USA who didn't know....I heart itunes.  It really is an Expat's bestfriend.  I ran into another American Expat today who was advising how much she missed all her favorite TV shows and I introduced her to the world of itunes.  It's not just for music downloads.

It's a great item to have downloaded to your computer, as you can rent/buy all the American movies and TV shows that are currently out.  You just need an USA credit card or itunes gift card from the USA.  You can download itunes to any computer here.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

WOW, Found a cheaper version of my dream desk!

I previously wrote about finding my dream antique desk here.  I actually got the go ahead from hubby to purchase the desk for 800 CHF, but found out one of the legs had a crack in it.  Not worth getting a super heavy desk with a major crack in the leg.

I just found another desk/table with similar legs on of course for only 120 CHF!!!

Love this style of legs on a table and check out the leather inlay detail! 

Oh I am so in love, too bad I have sworn to not buy another piece of
furniture before we move, sniff,'s only 120 CHF and would
look so awesome as my new computer desk. Sniff.

Wonder if they have vintage tables like this in the USA for 120 bucks?

My Semi-New Lucite Etagère and Lucite Cart!

I previously posted about a lucite etagère I found on here.  I just picked up the etagère on Friday and also grabbed the matching lucite cart they were selling as well.  The lucite cart was in mint condition and the lucite etagère just has one scratch on it, but for the price I got both pieces for, I am not complaning.

 Please excuse how messy they are, I just reassembled them
together and threw all my stuff back on them,
 We live in a small flat in Lausanne, so furniture is kind of shoved up against
 each other.  I think the lucite shelves make the room feel not so cramped.

 I can not afford to purchase a new computer chair at the moment, so was
thinking of recovering the chair in the damask fabric in the picture below.

What do you think?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What a Rockin Chair and Stool Set!

Not a rocking chair, just a rockin chair, it's a happy green leather color, I love it!   It would still look pretty fab-u-lous for a while until you could get around to getting it reupholstered.  For only 150CHF in Lausanne, what a deal!

I found chair on anibis here.

Let me know if anyone buys it!


Lucite Etagère Anyone?

Hmmm was doing my daily browsing through and came across this lucite etagère:

Picture from

Can't decide if I love it or not.  I think it's cool, where would I put it, what would I put on it?  I have no idea.  But after surfing the net for other lucite etagères online, this is a bargain of a lifetime.  To buy or not to buy, what do you think?


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free Online Home Decor Magazines!

I am soooo happy, as now I can get great home decor ideas in English for free online! Not to mention all these magazines have links to great shops online to buy these home decor items!

Check out all these lovely new online magazines. Are paper magazines a thing of the past?


Happy Reading!