Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Flea Market Find, DG Pillow and My Hallway = Happiness!

Months ago I found this side table at an outdoor flea market here in Lausanne, Switzerland... it had been sitting in our garage ever since.

The price was set at rather high, but I talked the Madame down to 20 CHF in my terrible French. The top of the table has two huge cracks and the legs were all loose and it was about to fall apart, but something about the style of the table spoke to me. It looks so much better in the photo; in person it was awful looking. I had no idea where to put it or even what to do with it, but for 20 CHF, who cares!

Below is a picture of my entry hallway with unfinished wood frames, very blah. Not pulled together at all. I should have taken a before picture of the hallway near the front door. In that corner use to be strollers, scooters and my sons shoes. Things just kind of piled up in that corner and drove me crazy.

Well my favorite little decorating shop, Fischer Deco in Lausanne was having a major sale on their Designer Guild pillows. I was browsing, when I found this little green pillow and it just all clicked! Cheap Table + Hallway + Green Pillow - Kids Crap = Happiness!

I was so inspired by the green in the pillow, I just had to paint the table Kelly green! I do not normally do color furniture and my husband seemed nervous when he saw me painting a wood table green. He is strongly against painting wood.
My little DIY 20 CHF flea market find turned out pretty nice after using tons of wood filler, sanding, new screws and lots of green paint and presto!.

I am no decorator by any means, but I think my hallway turned out pretty decent. I painted the wood frames in the hallway a glossy black and the different shades of green make me happy!


Duct Tape...Seriously?

The weather has been so beautiful here in Switzerland and we have been spending almost everyday outside. It's just too hot indoors since we are sans ceiling fans or central air system of any kind. It's also been way to hot to sit in front of a computer most days.

When I am not at the park with the kids, I am sitting on my balcony working on upholstery and painting projects. I love how my neighbors in the building next door love to sit on their balcony and watch me work while they sip their tea. I mean they are staring straight at me! I am just waiting for the 'balcony police' to show up and tell me to get all this furniture, paint and work tools off my balcony or else.

I have worked on a few small upholstery items, but never anything as large as a sofa, which is my goal. So I thought I would take it slow, read as many books as possible and watch as many videos on as possible before take the big upholstery leap.

I found this little stool that is similar to my sofa and thought I would take it apart, repair it and reupholster it from scratch. Low and behold I cut open the bottom of it to find the webbing support is duct tape! I kid you not!

Picture of pouf before I gutted it.

Picture of the inside webbing made of duct tape!

I am just an average Joe trying to save a buck on a DIY upholstery project. So I will post pictures of the process and the finally outcome in the next month.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Swiss Fun Friday (err Saturday) Find

Check out this beautiful room here from the Elle Decor website:

As I am always browsing through for coffee tables; I remember seeing the almost exact same Lucite coffee table in the room above!

Check out this Roche Bobois Lucite coffee table here on!

Isn't it beautiful! Why would someone sell this coffee table?


Thursday, June 10, 2010


I was on a roll with my blog posts and then BAM, my super cute 13 month old started to walk and now I can't leave him alone for even one second! This is a picture of him catching himself.

How in the world do other SAHM bloggers keep up with babies learning to walk and blogging? I have so many things to share, but just can't leave my little guy unsupervised during the day. Oh and he wants nothing to do with the computer room.

Sure would be nice to have one of these to carry around the flat so I can cruise the internet for ideas while following him around the flat and keep up with daily blog posts:

Oh iPad, how I wish Santa would bring you early this year!