Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Semi-New Lucite Etagère and Lucite Cart!

I previously posted about a lucite etagère I found on here.  I just picked up the etagère on Friday and also grabbed the matching lucite cart they were selling as well.  The lucite cart was in mint condition and the lucite etagère just has one scratch on it, but for the price I got both pieces for, I am not complaning.

 Please excuse how messy they are, I just reassembled them
together and threw all my stuff back on them,
 We live in a small flat in Lausanne, so furniture is kind of shoved up against
 each other.  I think the lucite shelves make the room feel not so cramped.

 I can not afford to purchase a new computer chair at the moment, so was
thinking of recovering the chair in the damask fabric in the picture below.

What do you think?

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