Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let's Try This Again, Swiss Vintage Post Cards Deux!

Ok, so yesterday I attempted to try and blog from my mobile phone and camera here. Bad idea, camera phone took horrible pictures.

So today I am doing a repost of my collection of Swiss vintage post cards I have collected over the last year. I just happen to like the post cards that were written on and have stamps on them already starting from 1898. These just also happen to be the affordable post cards to buy. I have spent anywhere between .50 cents to 5 CHF for these post cards. Here are some close ups of my favorites:

These post cards are located at the end of my long
hallway next to the front door of our flat. I have this
fabulous Etsy zebra print to place above these post cards.
Just have not found the perfect frame yet.

These vintage post cards are on the
opposite side of the hallway on this tiny wall space.

Here is a close up of a few of the post cards.

We are renting and I am trying to keep the holes in the walls I make to a min. So I use Tessa Power Strips that I found from COOP to put all these frames from Ikea up on our walls. They leave zero marks when you remove the strips and it really keeps the frames up nice and sercure, especially when you have littles ones trying to pry them off the walls.

Have a lovely Wednesday,

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