Monday, January 24, 2011


Oh my goodness the after holiday sales this year in Lausanne are amazing!  I almost feel like I am back in the USA!

I found the Christmas decoration at 90% off at Globus.  I purchased all the velvet and glittery ribbon there that I could grab. It was maddness, everyone was going crazy grabbing items.  I don't think they normally have 90% off anywhere in Lausanne.

Globus is also selling all their holiday display decorating items for super cheap!  They are selling such as display mirrors, pictures, antique looking chairs, huge art piece for a fraction of what they would cost here normally.  I found most of it by the elevator on the level of mens clothing.  I purchased two pictures for my office.  Wish I had room to purchase more...

At Zara I purchased lots of tunics, shirts, skirts and dresses between 19CHF and 5chf, that normally sold for 100CHF or less!

Oh and at MANGO it was a major score, I found the best basic wardrobe items; black vest, black skinny jeans, tunic, dresses and more for more then half off.

Sorry for lack of post and pictures.  I have been busy, busy, busy with projects.  I am really bad about taking pictures and posting them.

Happy Monday,

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