Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank Goodness for Ikea

I need a 250 x (by at least) 300 cm rug ASAP to go under my dinning table!  My kids are pushing the dinning chairs all over our beautiful hardwood floors, not a good idea. We have tried the sticky pads to place under the chairs, they just get rubbed off from all the pushing. 

Below is one of the culprits and a glimpse of my dream Roche Bobois table (gift from my hubby) and plastic chairs in the background.

I have been looking every where for a tapis large enough go under my beautiful dinning table, no luck.  Finally broke down last week and went to Ikea.  It just so happens this is the only rug large enough and afforable enough I can find around here....thank God for Ikea. 
Image via Ikea here. 
It's only 399 CHF and it's 250 x 350 cm, the perfect size and price! Two more weeks until it arrives.  I just am worried about how this rough feeling Ikea rug is going to look laying next to my traditional lovely wool/silk rug we spent a small fortune. Hmmm don't really have a choice, so I going to say perfect!

Check out these rooms from Decor Pad that also are using this Ikea rug with style!

image via here

 image via here

Image via here.
Who knew an Ikea rug could be so chic. 
Just hope it looks okay in my salon/dinning room.


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