Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Snowman & Rudolph Cupcakes!

Just call me Martha!  I made these easy cupcakes for my older son's holiday party at school. 

Here is the first batch almost complete, just have Rudolph's mouth left to put on.

Here is the second batch, my hubby even made a few. 
Can you guess which ones he made? 
 Another view.

Baking and making cute stuff is not really my thing, but when you have kids, you have to roll with it.  This was really easy to do and now I am looking forward to doing Valentines Day cupcakes for the kids. 

I just googled 'Christmas Cupcakes' and got hundred's of images for inspirations.  Baked normal cupcakes, iced them and then added candy, pretzels, cookies and frosting in tube to make faces.  Super fun and easy. Almost all ingredents were purchased from Coop.

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