Monday, December 13, 2010

Need a Dinning Table Fast in Time for Holidays?

Here are my top 2 recreated table and chair picks in the VAUD area and it's a mix of Anibis, FLY, Ikea, plus a little DIY.

The inspiration picture #1:

 (Does anyone know the source for this picture?)

My table and chair picks:

With 4 to 6 of these chairs from for only 179CHF each.

Inspiration Picture #2:
 image via Lonny

My table and chair picks:
 This 2nd hand table from (don't look at chairs) for only 400 CHF

With these 6 second hand chairs from set for 400 CHF or less,
as this is with the dinning table.  So they might sell just chairs for less.  Either way anibis
has these chairs posted all over the place.

I would recover chairs with this IKEA fabric for only 8.95 a meter.
Easy DIY reupholstery job, just need staple gun and a good eye...

Happy Holidays,


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