Monday, June 20, 2011

Ikea Rug Frustration

Many, many moons ago I wrote about the Ikea Stockholm rug here.  I needed a huge and affordable rug to go under my big a** dinning table here in Swissyland. 

Affordable and Swissyland normally do not go together, but I found a large rug at Ikea (250 x 350cm) for only 399CHF!  Really good deal to me.

image via here

Is it the softest and most beautiful rug ever?   No, it's really rough actually. 

Is it large enough to cover all 9feet by 3 feet under my dinning table and then some? Yes. 

Will it keep the chairs from scratching the floor?  Yes.

Have I been trying to buy this rug since November 2010?  YES!!!

Ikea is teasing me.  Everytime they show it's in stock, I show up and they just sold the last 250 x 350 size rug.

Seriously does every household in VAUD have this rug in their home?  How can this rug be sold out every single month?

My poor wooded floors that will no longer be ours in 4 more weeks, I tried, I am sorry but you are kind of strached up now.

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