Monday, October 18, 2010

Faux Deer Head....Oui ou Non?

Apparently this is so 2008....but I am just now discovering the faux deer head/antler decor and I am in love with it.  It can't be that out of style, as I am finding it everywhere in recent magazines.  Below are some of the faux deer heads I want to buy and rooms with the faux deer head/antlers on display.

(She delivers to Switzerland!  So many to choose from at her store!)

 Image via Graham & Green
(UK store and they refused to deliver to CH, very sad.  I loooove the gazelle.)

 Image via Lonny Magazine

 Image via Lonny Magazine

Image via Candian House & Home

The wooden hand carved deer pictured below is the faux deer head that I purchased from Amazon in the USA.  This deer head is only $69 USD with a shipping cost of only $25 USD to Switzerland.  So I am getting a deal on the shipping!
Image via Amazon in USA

I hope to start a small collections of these guys.  Lets see what the hubby thinks!



  1. are you going to paint it or leave it natural?

  2. Oh I haven't decided yet! It looks lovely natural, but a splash of paint might be fun too! Any color suggestions?


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