Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Please Dear Lord....

...please let me have been the first person to ask to buy this lucite and glass coffee table that was just posted on minutes ago for really, super duper cheap and it looks like it's in great condition!
Okay, sorry for the run on sentence, but I am dying over the lucite table selling for only 50 chf!!!  Is it a typo? Did they mean 500chf, surely not 50...but I pray it's correct!

The coffe table is only 50chf.  I am going to go see the table on Friday and possibly take it home!  It helps when you have friends like this:

(Please excuse how I look, no make up and hair pulled into a bun...ewwwh, Soph looks great as always)

A great, wonderful, dear, patient friend who stops cooking at dinner time to listen to you begging her to call someone in French to make an appointment to see the table you just saw on Anibis and buy it!

Yes, it helps while living in a forgien country to have awesome friends who speak four to five different languages and put up with you on a daily basis on your drive to obtain all the perfect furniture you desire at affordable prices while living in one of the most expensive countries in the world.  Another run on sentence...I am on a roll today.  Thanks Soph....babysitting coupon for you anytime!

P.S. The woman in the picture above is the woman who introduced me to the wonderful world of

I went with my two boys in tow to go see the coffee table and the good news; the only thing wrong with it was the metal parts had tarnished and just needed some simple TLC.  The bad new; my boys were trying to climb all over the glass top and bottom part of the table.  Glass and boys do not go together.  I looked at the cost of buy two large sheets of plexiglass to insert into this table and the prices (this is Switzerland) was not very affordable.  So table was a no go...totally bummed.


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