Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Close.... having this vintage 1920's beautiful desk in my office soon. I previously wrote about it here.  Another of my, of course, finds!  It's getting difficult to speak in Frang-lish (half French/half English) all the time, really need to learn more French words when discussing furniture.

 I went to go look at it today and it's even better looking in person.  It is very old, so it has some very very very minor veneer chipping on just a few spots I noticed.  Nothing terrible, but it will adventually need repair, but such a minor thing.  I did talk the lovely owner down to 800chf, so feel like I am getting a major bargain as I have seen these desk go easily for a few thousands in not even mint condition.

Trying to sort out transportation for this bad boy.  The woman just lives up the hill from us too...the desk is so close by and yet might as well be 100 miles away, as hiring movers for one item is very expensive.  This is the one thing that may stop me from purchasing the desk.

Anyone want to try to help me move it with moving straps?  We could just carry it down the hill together, easy right?  It would be a great workout, any volunteers?  Anyone?

image via here

It's times like these that I miss living in Texas and having friends who all drive huge pickup trucks.....sigh.


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