Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm back!!!!

Have had a busy couple of months.......
We went to Turkey for holidays.

Came back and got pumped and packed for USA!

Jumped on airplane alone with two little angels!

Bought a ridiculous, overpriced hat to escape the 100 degree Texas heat.

Got to hold a fossil. A dinosaur poo poo fossil.

Got to try on pirate hats. Arrrrg!

Was introduced to iphone app of being aged by 50 years.
Thanks Keith.

Then came back to Lausanne and took a much needed break.

But not for long, football/soccer season was starting.
Yes I am a Swiss soccer mom driving an SUV.
Never thought that would happen to me in Europe.

And said good bye to a Lausanne friend (on the right).
I am not pictured above, sorry Soph only picture I had...

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