Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Out of Office - Sick

Sorry for lack of posts, was very ill with fever and a cold.  Now my cold/allergies have taken over my life.  I am like a sneezing, coughing, red eyed zombie.  It's nonstop 24/7.  Wish I could go to a USA pharmacy and get some good old OTC medicines.  Have been to the pharmacy three times in Lausanne in the last two weeks and basically I leave with nothing helpful each time.

 image via Kleenex

It's times likes these I really miss the good old US of A.   I am going through boxes of kleenex daily. May need to start a fundraiser to support my need of kleenex.  Oh how I long for Mucinex to help with my runny nose. 

A red circle around your nose area is so not attractive and I do not recommend wearing red lipstick, as it only enhances the red nose area.   Another life lesson learned.

Cough, cough, sneeze!


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