Friday, May 28, 2010

Affordable Beautiful Furniture Store in Lausanne!

I stopped by Anna today and they had several items on sale for a bargain. I am disappointed as I took pictures of the items with my camera phone, but unable to upload those pictures at the moment. Here is the name and address of the store:

Anna, L'art de vivre
Rue du Grand-Pont 8
CH-1003 Lausanne
Tél. +41 21 647 76 69

They are located before the second Starbucks in Lausanne near Flon. Below are a few pictures from their site here:

A beautiful mirrored dresser from Anna
(this is a shout out to my husband for our anniversary, hint, hint).
Gorgeous chair and desk from Anna.
Another dresser from the four mirrors and lamp,
I even like the silver horse head on display here.

I discovered this store months ago and it's actually where I purchased my black Lucite side table pictured in my previous post here. I got it on sale for half off in the store. The prices of their furniture in the store seems much more affordable then the prices they have listed on their website. Actually I hardly even see any furniture they have on display inside the actual store even listed on their advise, skip the website and just go visit the store.
Every time I stop by there each week I always see some fabulous gilded side table, vase, pillows or work on art 20 to 40% off! Right now they have an awesome linen tuft sofa on display in their store that I am in love with....
Happy Weekend!

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  1. Loving the mirrored dresser!! I might have to show this to my husband as well, he could do with this hint.
    Hope you have a great weekend!!xx


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