Monday, May 17, 2010

Clint oh Clint!

A couple of months ago I visited my neighbors art gallery, Galerie d'(A), here in Lausanne to inquire about a previous piece of art work she had displayed. My husband had been going on and on for months about how he wished we had purchased this Clint Eastwood pop art that sold on the opening night.

I have never been one for loving pop art, nor modern furniture, but I decided to step out of my element. I wanted to see if I could purchase a similar painting from this same artist. My lovely neighbor contacted the artist Michelangelo Mazzari and set up a new original painting to be commissioned just for my lovely husband.

I just wanted to share a picture of it; as I love it and it has opened my eyes to the love of all things modern and helped me step out of my box of all things beige.

I was elated that my hubby loved this painting even more then the first one!

Join me on my journey as I redecorate my entire beige salon to accommodate this new piece of yellow pop art! Oh where to begin?

Visit artist website here:

Sorry I am new to blogging, still trying to figure out how to link websites to words listed.

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  1. Hello ! Thank you for coming by Ada & Darcy. Great art! x


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