Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The USA has and Switzerland (VAUD) has!!! I love you!

I have been living in Switzerland for years and I have gone without adult furniture for years (oh yes was still using all my college furniture up until recently). One, because decent furniture is so expensive here and two, because most all furniture stores only have one style of furniture – MODERN!

My wonderful friend Sophie introduced me to in April this year and I fell hard, it was love at first sight. There were just pages and pages of vintage and antique furniture that people were trying to get rid of at great prices, I am sure, to use the money to go shopping at IKEA. No really, read a few posts that people literally wrote in French mind you, “need to sale quick to have money to buy sofa from IKEA.” IKEA is like Disneyland here, don’t go right after the holidays or on weekends…you will find no parking and stand in line for hours.

Here are a few items I have bought so far from Anibis:
Below is a tufted vintage velvet green sofa in mint condition that I purchased for a major bargain.
It came with two wing chairs, which I currently have in my bedroom.
I have plans to reupholster it myself soon. Will document the process.
Below was my first anibis purchase, a gueridan is what the man called it in French.
I have plans to reupholster it as well.

The next two pictures are of a solid wood carved bench I paid for 30 francs!
Needs a few touch ups here and there, but otherwise is in great condition.
I currently have the bench in my entrance hallway.
I just love mixing Granny furniture with more modern pieces!

As I see it, no one else in Switzerland in my age group seems to want anything but modern furniture. So I am here to buy as many vintage Swiss items as I can fit into my flat and give it a loving home.

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