Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hi, My name is Vickie and I am addicted to beige.

I just wanted to share a few images of neutral colored rooms I could kick my feet up in and call home sweet home! I love BEIGE! There I said it and I am proud!

I am very excited to be posting my 2nd blog entry! Tomorrow must remember to hit SAVE button or will lose all work.

I know no one is reading this blog but my sister, love you sis!

I am currently working on trying to pull together my dream French beige and black dinning table my husband just got me from Paris along with my husband’s new yellow pop art. We live in a small flat and the salon and dinning room are in the same room. Oh and I have two sweet little boy toddlers who wrestle and run every where, so my house is almost knick knack free. It’s really hard to pull a room together without the cute breakable knick knacks.

*Images from El Mueble

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