Thursday, May 20, 2010

Uneven Space

It's hard to tell but this little wall here sits in between two windows, to the right is my dinning table and to the left of the TV is my new vintage green sofa. Centering the TV with the wall space is not possible, due to where the cable cords are located. So I was left with this uneven space. Very heavy feeling on one side. I had tried many different things, but nothing was working. Below is the before pic:

Then I came across this cute black acrylic, super modern, side table and it
just seemed perfect! I think it balances the modern eye sore of a flat screen
and with the soft flowers on top, just seems to work for me.

I will take a better picture of the space and post soon. Sorry I forgot to zoom out. Just need to find some frames and art work to hang above.


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