Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ideas for my vintage bench

Below is a picture of my hallway with my 'new' bench. On the walls are eight unfinished wood frames that I still need to paint. The pictures inside are beautiful metallic prints from the Etsy shop of Irene Suchocki'. See her work here:

For now I am just going to try and restore the bench using my Furniture Repair and Restoration book by William Cook. It has huge illustrated pictures and step by step guide, which is perfect for a newbie like myself.

The bench has a canned seat, which I love, that is in perfect condition, but my one year old keeps trying to stick his fingers in the holes. So I would like to order 1 yard of the Indoor/Outdoor fabric (gotta be kid friendly) in the Waverly SNS Tucker Resist Moss below to make a oblong pillow to sit against the wall.

Then order 2 yards of this Outdoor fabric by Highland Court in Liliane in
black below, to make a seat cushion to sit ontop of the canned part.
I am still not sure what color to paint the unfinished frames hanging in the hallway. May need to see what it looks like with the fabrics first. I am open to any ideas or feedback...

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