Friday, May 20, 2011

Found Something Cheaper in Swissyland then in USA!

Ok this has nothing to do about decorating, but as I was at Toys-R-Us in Switzerland yesterday stocking up on diapers and baby wipes (seriously best prices on name brand diapers and wipes) and my two year old started going nuts for this this German brand toy, BIG - Bobby Quad car.

image via here

They have all kinds of models at Toys-R-Us here ranging in price from 59CHF to 98CHF, which I thought was very expensive and had to drag my two year old away from the car. 

I come home to search to see how much cheaper the car ride on toy might be in the USA and was shock to see it was outrageously expensive in the USA.  Just do an Amazon search!  Price ranges from $238.00 to $298.00 US dollars for this brand of ride on toys!

Next week I am going back to buy my two year one of these and they sell so many nifty accessories, which ones to buy!  Think I more excited about it then my son will be.  Will post a pick next week!

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