Friday, May 20, 2011

Moi Chaussures

Okay, so last fall I put all my spring/summer sandles in a garbage bag.  Next I placed this bag of shoe treasures by our front door for my hubby to place in our cave for safe keeping.  Oh I had some fabulous comfortable Born and BCBG wedge sandles in this bag that I had just brought back from the US from our holiday last summer. I had not even had a chance to wear most of them.
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This same day we were also using these same black garbage bags to put unwanted clothing and shoes in to be donated.  Can you see where this is going?

Low and behold I have been searching for this bag of lovely shoes for over a month now since the weather has been so warm this spring in Lausanne.  I finally broke down and paid our babyitter to come by during the afternoon and watch the kids for FOUR hours while I tore our cave apart trying to find my bag of beautiful summer wedges.

image via me - my kidos

The cave is now cleaned out, but still no bag of shoes to be found, BUT I did find an old bag of clothes that were suppose to be donated last fall. 

Now hubby is away on business and guess what he is bringing me back this weekend!

These COACH black wedges! Woo Hoo!
image via here

It is only one pair of shoes, but a fabulous comfortable pair and it matches one of my bags!  Always an upside to things!

I am keeping my eye out for someone wearing my 'accidentally donated' NEW wedge sandles around Lausanne!

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