Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Which Bag and Shoe Combo to Choose?

If you were going to wear this beautiful Monsoon evening dress to a wedding, which shoes and bag would you choose to wear from

I am trying to help a friend pick out shoes and a bag to wear to a summer wedding. 
  • The first look is safe and classic to me, can't go wrong with this combo. 
  • The second look with the coral shoes and bag are so chic and hip, love this look.  It screams 'style'!
  • The third look with the black bag seems more sophisticated and sexy, great for an evening wedding. 
  • The fourth look is more summery and light feeling with the light shoe and bag. Perfect for a summer day wedding.
Which one would you choose?

UPDATE:  I added one more color combo of lilac to the choices, as my friend loved the idea of the splash of color with the dress, but felt the coral was a bit too bright.  The coral is a very warm color to wear with the grey dress and really stands out.  So I tried the dress with a pop of color in the cool family and think it's just the right amount of color, but not too bright.  She just ordered the lilac shoes and bag from Monsoon.  Can't wait till she has the entire outfit all put together.  Here is a peak below.


  1. The lilac/grey one is a great combination. I just poundered with the same issue. Your picture helped to make the decision. Thanks!

  2. Thank you kindly for your feedback!



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