Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lausanne Chic Furniture Store

I previously posted about this furniture store, Anna L'art de vivre, here.  I am not being endorsed by them in anyway, I just love their furniture and nic naks.  This is where I also got my side table last year that I posted about here.

I am currently helping a friend decorate her flat and I went to my favorite place Anna's in Lausanne to check out the furniture in stock.  It's located at:

Rue du Grand-Pont 8

CH-1003 Lausanne

Tél. +41 21 647 76 69

The manager there speaks English and was so kind to let me take a few photos of some pieces that I really like in his store.

 What a fab chrome and black leather side chair!  Think it was less then 500CHF.

 This bad picture makes the sofa look brown, it's actually a more vibrant color in person.  Very comfortable and clean lines, I would love this in black!  Just need to get rid of all those pillows!

 You can choose any color leather or cloth to cover this sofa.  I even tried to scratch the leather to see how kid friendly it was, let me tell you, it's very kid friendly!  Could not make a mark on it.

 Best thing yet about this sofa is the price!  Only 3,990.00 CHF, which if you live in Switzerland, know this is a steal for a quality leather Italian sofa purchase here in this area.  Normally quality sofa's sell for 6,000CHF or more around these parts.

My friend snagged two of these tri-pod floor lamps at Anna's.  
The lamps have velvety feeling black shades. Very chic.  

 Again sorry for the bad quality of images, need to remember to bring an actual camera next time and not just my phone.

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